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What started out in 1979 as a haulage business run from the home of Dirk and Tilly Post has grown into a logistics service provider with over a 450-strong workforce and almost 400 vehicles on the road.



Dirk Post works for the excavation company owned by his brother Aat. He decides follow Aat’s example and start up his own excavation company. But the market is against him, so he turns his attention to container transport, a strong, emerging sector in the Port of Rotterdam. 



Dirk nets his first major customer, Hollands Veem, a subsidiary of Handelsveem. He managed to get a foot in the door more or less by chance a few years previously. Hollands Veem is one of the few companies that is still operational during a dockworkers’ strike. Dirk does them a favour by collecting a container from the railway depot, and can start driving for them the next day.




Dirk pulls in another big fish. This time, it’s Kogeko, forwarding agents in Rotterdam, transporting cargo for fruit importers from the Port of Rotterdam to the Stena Line, where it is shipped to the UK. Post tractor units start driving curtainside trailers from Rotterdam to Hook of Holland. Post opens an office in Marconistraat in Rotterdam.



Dirk Post takes over Kogeko and moves into the Kogeko offices in the Euro Fruit Centre in the same street. The takeover transforms Post into a serious rival for Adrie Visbeen, one of the biggest hauliers on the UK route.



All Post operations are concentrated at a new location at Coldenhove-Zuid industry park in Maasdijk. Post opens new offices there with a garage, warehouse space, and a vehicle wash. The company’s new name – Post-Kogeko – is emblazoned across the front of the building.



Post-Kogeko takes over Van Die Transport and procures a key position in distribution in one fell swoop. The acquisition enables Dirk Post to spread the risks and turn Post-Kogeko into an all-round logistics provider.




J. van Die Transport has been driving for A.A. Den Boer, a bakery business in Rotterdam, for many years. The bakery outsources its transport to Intra A.A. Den Boer. Post-Kogeko takes over Intra A.A. den Boer and duly acquires five new employees and twelve lorries.



Dirk Post and former rival Adrie Visbeen co-found Norfolk Line DailyFresh to transport fruit and vegetables more efficiently to the UK. DailyFresh starts with a site in the Westland and later expands to other sites in Dunkirk (France) and Venlo.



The smallest takeover deal is concluded when Dirk Post buys Royal van Namen in Barendrecht and Post-Kogeko thereby acquires four new colleagues, three tractor units, and two trailers.



Post-Kogeko, Visbeen, and the former Geest North Sea Line set up Coolboxx to provide multimodal transport services with 45-foot-long reefer containers. The Coolboxx reefer containers capitalize on the trend towards utilizing alternative forms of transport besides road transport.



Post-Kogeko joins forces with three other haulage companies to take over the transportation operations of Bakkersland BV, a chain of sixteen bakeries. 160 drivers and 115 vehicles join the new consortium. 



Post-Kogeko acquires the transportation activities of Campina. Post-Kogeko emerges as the best option after a tender which drew bids from around twenty companies from the Netherlands and abroad.  



Post-Kogeko celebrates its 30th anniversary. The company is now run by a three-man executive board. Dirk Post remains as a supervisory director.



The Post-Kogeko fleet gets a new colour. The characteristic red makes way for white. That makes the logo – the eagle – stand out more.  



Snack producers Beckers and Favory Convenience Food sign a contract with Post-Kogeko Logistics for the logistical management of their products. Post-Kogeko will not only take care of frozen transport and storage but also combine orders for the same customer. This contract takes Post-Kogeko a step further in the diversification process. In June it acquires the tractor units and drivers of 4Star Logistics, which had organized the transport until then. 




Post-Kogeko takes over the business of Van der Meer Logistic in Roelofarendsveen and strengthens its position in Frozen Logistics. The activities in Roelofarendsveen combined with Post-Kogeko’s refrigerated warehouse in Acht form a strong basis for further growth.



Post-Kogeko makes a concrete and pragmatic contribution to sustainability in the logistics chain via the Connekt Lean & Green programme. Cost savings and CO2 reduction go hand in hand. It is presented with the Lean & Green Award for its efforts.




Post-Kogeko is one of three nominees in the large companies category for the TLN Entrepreneur’s Prize for Transport and Logistics 2012. This year the accolade goes to a company in the transport and logistics sector in recognition of outstanding achievements in corporate social responsibility.






All the logistical expertise that Post-Kogeko has built up and developed in the past thirty years is bundled together in a new knowledge and consultancy centre called Wayz. The expertise will be made available to transshippers and other providers of logistics services. 




Post-Kogeko takes over the transport activities of Leo de Bruijn Transporten in Gilze and moves closer to the realization of its strategy to be a key player in distribution.









Post-Kogeko Logistics acquires the transport activities of Kerres Transport Group in Heerlen. The deal fits in with the shift towards consolidation in store distribution and will help Post-Kogeko to play a strategic role in this emerging trend.