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The name Post-Kogeko

The name Post-Kogeko

Kogeko is an abbreviated combination of two names: Kompanje and van Geest.

Nico Kompanje and Ko van Geest founded a PLC in 1960 to export fruit and vegetables from the Netherlands to the UK. Their brand new company needed a name so they took the first two letters of each surname and stuck ‘ko’ on the end.

At the start of 1970 they sold the business to a Mr In 't Veen who did a lot of work for T-PORT HAMBURG (fruit imports from abroad). Eventually the company did more transportation and forwarding business under the name of Kogeko. When Dirk Post started driving for Kogeko (in the early 1980s), most of the work involved delivering vegetables to the UK. In 1990, Dirk Post was afforded an opportunity to purchase the company as there was no-one to succeed the owner.

And that’s how the name Post-Kogeko saw the light of day.