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Post-Kogeko Logistics – on time delivery

Post-Kogeko has been successfully distributing goods in the retail and hospitality sector for many years. Every single day, we meet a tight schedule, supplying stores and catering establishments from the different distribution centres and production sites of well-known retailers and producers, including Albert Heijn, Plus Retail, Sligro Food Group, and Bakkersland.

Getting the goods in time is crucially important to Post-Kogeko customers. We score at least 98% for on-time delivery. To ensure and maintain this performance, all our vehicles are fitted with advanced on-board computers, and we run a special Track & Trace Department, which monitors all trips 24/7 and intervenes when schedules are at risk of overrunning.

Our drivers are ambassadors for both Post-Kogeko and the customer. They feel responsible for the cargo and do everything possible to deliver it on time and in optimum condition. In addition, we operate a modern fleet which meets all the emission standards (euro norms) and noise abatement regulations (PIEK certification).