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Corporate Social Responsibility

Health and Safety

Safety is a crucial factor for providers of logistical services operating in urban distribution. Every day our drivers drive through densely-populated areas close to shopping centres and schools. But the health of our personnel also matters to us. That is why we leave no stone unturned to protect the health and safety of our personnel, other road users and visitors to our sites.

We concentrate on five key domains:

  • Safety at work: with the focus on traffic safety, accident prevention and clear instructions on how to act in the event of traffic accidents and other emergencies 
  • Health protection for the individual employee at work: with the focus on physical and psychosocial strain 
  • Ergonomics: with the focus on workplace conditions, equipment and physical posture 
  • Work sites and physical environment: with the focus on layout and equipment in lorries, warehouses, garages and offices 
  • Protection against harassment 
You can find out more about our Health & Safety track record under CSR reports.